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Teachers are charged with the very important task of educating our children. They act as facilitators or coaches to help students learn and apply important concepts. Many teachers, especially at the primary level, use a hands-on approach to help students understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop critical thinking skills. Each year, more and more blogs and websites pop up, where teachers share their expertise and ideas with other teachers.

Online Masters in Education.org has created a list of the 100 Best Web Resources for Educators. Accounting for factors such as years of teaching experience, quality of content, readership, and reputation, you can navigate this list to top blogs and websites for educators. For easy navigation, the list is divided into four categories: preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Please note, all of the websites on this list are fantastic resources, and they are not presented in order of rank.


Teach Preschool

The site delivers ideas for teaching preschool by utilizing play-based activities.

  • Hands On : As We Grow

The site has plenty of resources for teachers. It can also be used by parents who want to teach their kids.

  • Childhood 101

The site is very rich in preschool content. You will find its content used by other sites.

  • Happy Hooligans

The person behind the site has been running a daycare for years and she has filled the platform with plenty of fun activities that children will enjoy.

  • Rainbows Within Reach

This website is an online resource that can be used by teachers of preschoolers.

  • Pre-K and K Sharing

This is a multi-contributor blog that can be used by teachers as a source of materials.

  • Differentiated Kindergarten

If you are looking for a resource for approaching teaching preschoolers in an academic manner.

  • Simply Kinder

This is another site that has an academic approach to teaching preschoolers.

  • Pre-Kinders

The blog offers plenty of teaching tips for those handling preschoolers.

  • Preschool Inspirations

This is a good site to check if you want to find fun learning activities.

  • Teacher Tom

The site offers reflective posts by the owner who has been teaching preschoolers for a long time.

  •  Totschooling

This blog was created in 2013. A very powerful resource for those who want to teach younger students.

  • The Educators’ Spin On It

The perfect platform, not only for teachers but for caring parents of young learners too.

  • Reddit » Early Childhood Education

A great subreddit for preschool teachers for networking and getting tips.

  •  Teacher Tom

Owned and run by Thomas Hobson, the author of Teacher Tom’s First Book, the site can be a great resource.

  • Careerbuilder

If you’re looking for a job as a preschool teacher, then Careerbuilder is one of the best places online to start your search.

  • Pondering Preschool

If you are an enthusiast of anything related to early childhood, this is for you.

  • Tiny Champions

Want some math-related lessons? You should check out this website.

  • Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers

An online space for preschool teachers to connect with each other

  • Schoolspring

Looking for a teaching job? Visit this site then.

  •  Educationcrossing

Educationcrossing is an useful website for finding teaching jobs.

  •  Educationamerica

Do you want a job as a preschool teacher? Educationamerica is one of the resources to visit.

  • Class Dojo

This website is more like a classroom community allowing the various stakeholders to connect.

  • Childhood 101

This website covers most topics that a preschool teacher might find interesting.

  • Education.com

You will have to pay to access most of the resources here. The cost of membership is worth it and can provide important and useful content.


  • Edutopia

Do you want to learn about the trends in education, then this is the right place to get started.

  • Reading Horizons

This site can be used by educators who are teaching the basics of reading. It has researched-based strategies that can help make learning faster.

  • Docs Teach

This is an awesome platform that lets teachers create their own lessons while using records from official sources.

  • Librarian’s Internet Database

This is the ideal tool for both teachers and students who are doing research. They have a large collection that users can browse.

  • International Reading Association

This association helps in promoting reading and literacy. Their site offers excellent resources for teachers who would like to help their students learn how to read.

  • The Concord Consortium

While this is mainly a science and technology website, teachers can also use it.


This site can help teachers to manage their time better.

  • Smart Classroom Management

This platform offers smart tips and resources that teachers can use for managing classrooms in a more efficient manner.

  • Curriki

Curriki is a community that is made up of teachers, volunteers, and parents. All the stakeholders who are concerned about education can use it.

  • Share My Lesson

This site is ideal for teachers who are looking for lesson plans, games, and activities. Users can also add resources to it.

  • Discovery Education

This Discovery Channel site can serve as a great resource for Science elementary teachers. There are even curricular resources available on the site.

  • Mind Shift

Launched back in 2010, MindShift looks into the various ways that education is being changed by technology.

  • Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channels promotes great educational values. They create good videos that can increase engagement.

  • Arkive

Arkive provides various educational games that students can play in order to boost their education. The content that they have are mostly focused on topics that concern science.

  • Historypin

Historypin provides an alternative means of learning history. Users can create timelines for the history tours on the site.

  • Education Word

Need help or some kind of support? The site is free to visit.

  • TeacherTech

This is the perfect app for modern teachers today.

  • Teaching With Simplicity

Perfect for teachers looking for tips to help make their lives easier.

  • Lakeshore

Lakeshore is an art supply store. Since the 1950s it has been a go-to place to buy supplies for their projects.

  • VocabularySpellingcity.com

Create fun spelling lessons to use for teaching.

  • Teaching A People’s History

Educators can use this website to make history lessons for their students.

  • Learning in Bliss

Learn how to utilize technology effectively in the classroom.

  • Fact Monster

The platform breaks info into little tidbits that you can use in your lessons.

  • Lesson Plans Page

If you’re on the hunt for some lesson plan ideas, then you might want to visit this site where there thousands of plans that you can check.

  • GrammarBook.com

This site makes learning about grammar fun and easier at the same time.

Middle School

  • Digital History

It can be hard to get students interested in history. Your job can become a bit easier with the help of this site.

  • RubiStar

As the name suggests, the site helps in building rubrics that teachers can utilize for various projects.

  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This is a simple blog by an experienced teacher who really wants to make the teaching process a whole lot better.

  • Teaching Ideas

The site challenges teachers to look at the teaching process in a different light and not just see it as a means of throwing information to kids.

  • SmartBrief Education

The site gives outlines of some of the most important information that has something to do with education today.

  • The Teacher’s Corner

This is a great site for resources and also serves as a message board for teachers who want to connect with others.

  • Reading and Writing Project

This site promotes the love of books and reading. It encourages students to be lifelong readers.

  • C-Span Classroom

This platform pushes the use of current events in building up lessons.

  • Learning A-Z

The site ranks books and gives teachers great recommendations for the reading materials that they can use.

  • Teachervision.com

Teachers can gain access to a large database of resources through subscriptions. The fees will be worth it.

  • Frontlineeducation.com

This is actually a software that can be used by school administrators to help them in their tasks.

  • Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet is a search engine that’s meant for teachers so they can find lessons and resources that they can use.

  • K-12 Internet Resource Center

The site is an ideal place to visit for teachers who are looking for tools that can back up what they are using.

  • TVOKids: Spelling Bee Game

This site offers an interactive spelling game that kids can use to hone their spelling and grammar.

  • School Express

The site contains thousands of worksheets that teachers can use in a classroom setting.

  • 2 Peas and a Dog

The blog is specifically meant for middle school teachers and even students with very varied topics.

  • A Lesson Plan for Teachersh quali

This blog run by a teacher offers advice and some useful resources for social science teachers.

  • Created for Learning

The main contributor to this blog has extensive experience in teaching middle school. It can be a great site for teachers wanting to read about relatable experiences in teaching.

  • Musings from the Middle School

A blog centered around the life of a middle school teacher that many will appreciate.

  • Mrs. Beers Language Arts Class

This is a blog where a middle school teacher shares her experiences.

  • Just Add Students

The site offers plenty of useful ideas and information to middle school teachers.

  • Where the Wild Things Learn

The site has craft lessons that students can easily learn.

  •  I Speak Math

There are very few Math-centered websites meant for middle school teachers and this is one of the best.

  • In the Middle With Mr D

The site is for music teachers in middle school.

  • Science in the City

Science in the City is a blog of a science teacher in middle school.

High School

  • NOVA

The site has high-quality science videos that can be used in a classroom setting. Teachers and students will love the multitude of content it can provide.

  • Quizlet

This is both an app and a website that allows teachers to find flashcards that they can use. Its web-based design makes it highly accessible.

  • Khan Academy

This is a free site but it is an excellent source for both math and science subjects that teachers can explore.

  • Newsela

The site requires a subscription but it offers quality [pieces that can be interesting to high school educators

  • Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture offers excellent curated content for arts and culture teachers. With the resources of Google backing it up, it can be a one-stop-shop for art teachers.

  • Digital Civics Toolkit

This platform is ideal for teachers that want to teach their students lessons regarding their civic duty.

  • Teaching Tolerance 

Not only is this site perfect for teaching diversity and tolerance to students but it can also be helpful in teaching English.

  • Goodreads

This is a site where you can review books and give recommendations to others. Teachers can use the site to encourage students to start reading.

  • Turnitin 

This platform can be used by teachers to check the paper that their students will be submitting. Each paper is tested online to make sure it is not plagiarized.

  • Purdue OWL

This site is one of the best sources online for checking the grammar, style, and formatting of papers before submission.

  • NoRedInk 

This site can teach students grammar so they can practice at their own pace. It can help make things easier for a teacher.

  • UNC Writing Center

As the name suggests, this platform can be useful to those who are teaching writing to students. They have various content that can come in handy.

  • Kahoot 

The aim of Kahoot is to make learning fun for both teachers and students. The site offers plenty of opportunities for fun learning.

  • Educreations

This is another excellent platform for teaching students how to write papers. It allows teachers to give voice comments on the submitted papers.

  • Blogger

Blogger is a great platform for creating blogs. This can be a good site to teach students how to write and build their own blogs.

  • The Literacy Shed

The site provides a collection of the top websites that can be used by English teachers. It has other resources that can be very helpful.

  •  English Grammar Online

This is an online platform for checking which high school teachers can use as an aide when teaching students.

  • Synonym.com

This site is exactly what its name suggests. It is an online platform for synonyms. This is a great resource for writers, students, and teachers.

  • Fun-with-words.com

This is the site that high school teachers can use if they want to make learning English fun for their students.

  • Scholastic Teachables

The site is a collection of resources that teachers can rely on.

  • Book Wizard

This is an excellent site for teachers who want to encourage their students to start reading books. 

  • Common Sense Media

The site has thousands of reviews of sites, books, and apps for teachers. What’s even better is that the reviews are written by teachers too, which means they give real insights that teachers can appreciate.

  • Google Earth

It’s easy to forget how innovative Google Earth is. It can let users travel to places without having to leave the comfort of their own home. It’s ideal for teaching geography.

  • EDSITEment

This is arguably one of the leading sites for teaching history in high school. The site contains sources and even videos that students will greatly appreciate.

  • National Science Teachers Association

This is a great website to visit for science teachers. They have a lot of resources that they can use for explaining complex processes.

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