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Twitter is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of education; especially if you follow some of the most prolific and influential educators that tweet. There are many highly respected and innovative teachers.

Adam Grant is not only a teacher, he teaches at the Wharton College of the University of Pennsylvania but he is also a writer. This is why it is unsurprising that his Twitter account provides quotes that can be inspirational to most people. His inspirational tweets are meant to help people in finding the true meaning of success today. 

He is best known as the creator of a company that serves as a consultant regarding education and teaching. His tweets are mostly about the integration of tech when it comes to teaching. His views are extremely valuable now that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in education. He also participates in speaking engagements where he can share his views to an even wider audience. You can follow him now so you can start sharing his tweets.

If you want to follow an educator who tweets about encouraging and good news then you should follow Vicki Davis. She tweets about many things related to teaching and education. Vicki also gives guides and ideas that other educators can utilize. She also hosts an online program where she interviews other teachers and they talk about matters that concern educators everywhere.

Tom is best known for being the founder of Edchat Interactive, which is a platform where teachers can ask the most pressing questions regarding education. His tweets cover a lot of topics and he also co-authored a book that helps guide teachers on how to use social media to build their professional network. His ideas are extremely relevant now with the use of social media playing a very important role in everyone’s lives.

Williams teaches at Saint Leo University which is located in Florida. She advocates for the worldwide conversation regarding education and development among educators professionally. She has also written for some of the more prestigious professional publications. If you are a teacher and you want to learn more about your profession, you should follow her account.

Twitter is a hotbed for inspirational messages and teachers are always searching for messages that they can use to motivate their students and themselves. Now, Tarte’s tweets are aimed at uplifting the spirits of teachers everywhere. It helps that he is also a minister, which is why he has such an understanding take on things. Just reading his tweets can be comforting.

Being an education official, it shouldn’t be surprising that Arne should have some tweets that are connected to teaching, students, and teachers. If you want to learn or gain some insight into the direction that American education is taking, you should follow Arne on Twitter. It can be very informative.

Will is a writer who has a strong online presence. He likes to talk about how technology is impacting our lives. He has very strong ideas regarding education and he is willing to voice out his opinion which is why his tweets are always interesting. His insights and opinions are always worth paying attention to.

She is a major player when it comes to American education. When it comes to educational issues, she makes sure that her voice is heard and that her opinions are noticed. She is fighting for the welfare of teachers everywhere. So, if you are a teacher and you feel strongly about advocating about the rights of teachers everywhere, start following her now.

Doug is well-known for writing authoritative books regarding education. He is known for raising awareness regarding teaching strategies that can be implemented to help improve the profession and the learning of children. He calls for a more systematic way of teaching that can achieve the best results.

Klein is known for being a lot of things and his authoritative views on education have helped him to gain a following among teachers. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her advocacy.

George is another very passionate advocate of teaching. He wants all the people involved in teaching to come together for the benefit of the education of the children. He has also written books and has extensive experience as a teacher. If you are passionate about education too, then you should follow him.

The person behind this Twitter account has received numerous awards and accolades for being an innovative and passionate educator. His tweets offer words of wisdom and guidance that many teachers can find useful.

Rachel is an award-winning educator. She also regularly blogs and most of her tweets are regarding the condition and the welfare of students, something which may be overlooked in some cases. She has also been selected as of the educators to watch out for. Great things are expected of her.

If you are okay with tweets that have some political leaning then this is one of the educators to follow. He has a unique style on his own which makes his tweets very funny. Don’t mistake him to be all comedy because his insights are very enlightening and unique as well.

Jason has been in the field of education for almost two decades now and is a recognized authority in matters of teaching. He also posts regular blogs and has some strong opinions regarding education and other related matters. It is worth following his twitter account to know his take on things.

If you want to be able to follow the various issues concerning education today, then you should follow Carey right away. She talks often about tech and how it affects teaching students. But her discussions and tweets are not all about that. She also talks about other stuff and her topics are quite far-ranging.

Multi-talented would be a good word to describe Gorman. She is an award-winning educator and also a recognized advocate on social media who has a very strong following. She strongly pushes for the use of modern technology and communication for teaching inside the classroom. Her tweets are worth following so you can gain some insight into the state of education in the country.

If you are curious regarding the admin side of education then Eric’sTwitter account is the one worth following. Eric is a principal and his tweets give to a side of education that is often ignored or does not get enough attention. The role of the administrators is very crucial.

Mary is a specialist. She is focused on using tech for teaching and education. Her tweets give valuable insight into how technology can help teachers educate children. She is also very active when it comes to advocating policies in education and she tweets about the latest developments in the field.

These are just 20 of the top educators who you should follow on Twitter. The truth is that there are so many more great education-related Twitter accounts. So, after you have followed the ones on this list, you can look for others and spread the word about them.

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