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Education, teaching and e-learning blogs can provide some of the best reading on the Internet today. The wide range of topics — from history to math — and the wider range of expertise in these blogs can provide teaching and learning tools. The following list contains 50 of the best and newest teaching blogs.

Top Blogs for Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School Teachers

Coyne’s Crazy Fun Preschool

Just by the name of the blog alone, you can tell that this isn’t your typical teacher blog. This fun blog is run by a preschool teacher who wants to help fellow educators with useful information that can come in handy.


Teachers can sign up to access this blog. The best thing about it is that it provides free resources that teachers can use. It is also very informative and has a fun and playful layout that is right for preschool teachers.


This blog aims to encourage teachers to have fun while they are teaching kids. It provides ideas for fun activities that both kids and the teachers will have a great time doing.

Rock and Teach

This blog is run by an elementary school teacher in Texas. She has posts about the daily routine of being a teacher and it has other resources that teachers can use.

Primary Punch

This blog is owned by a teacher who is also a speech-language pathologist. This blog provides a unique insight into the world that she lives in as a professional.

Learning in Wonderland

The name of the blog suggests a fascination with the art of teaching and learning. To the blog owner, the school is  a wonderland.

Teaching with a Mountain View

The blog provides useful information that can be used by other teachers when they are dealing with problems they face in their jobs.

Beyond the Worksheet

This blog is all about teaching math to students. The blog provides the best treatment of Math to make it more interesting to all students which is no small feat.

In the Middle

The blog provides some personal insights into what a middle-school teacher is thinking. It narrates the day to day experience of a teacher to which many can identify with.

Top Art Teacher Blogs

The Art of Ed

Like most other teacher blogs, The Art of Ed is an online resource that aims to help teachers by giving them the resources which they might find useful. In this case, the blog is focused on art teachers. 

Art Bar | Kids Art Blog

This blog is a place where the creator celebrates her love for the arts and crafts. She showcases some great pieces of art there whenever she can.

 Arte a Scuola

The owner of the blog is a teacher in Northern Italy. This is a great platform to check the lessons of other teachers in other countries and to see similarities. It is also a great venue to celebrate the unity of teachers everywhere.

Art Class Curator

The blog aims to empower and inspire teachers to teach art through the artwork of students who were inspired to do great pieces. The owner of the blog also shares some tips and ideas that can be used by other teachers.

Cassie Stephens

The owner of this blog is an elementary art teacher who shares lessons and artworks on the platform. She also posts pictures of clothes she has made.

Painted Paper Art

If you are on the hunt for some fun projects that you can do while teaching children the arts, then this is the blog for you. The blog is filled with bright pictures that can be inspiring to some kids. 

Art is Basic

This is a blog created by an art teacher. It showcases many projects that teachers can try for their students. Most of those projects have been tried and tested.

Arts Awareness Expressions

This blog encourages curiosity and encourages children to be inquisitive and to explore the possibilities of art. 

Art Teacher in LA

The name of the blog says it all. This blog is owned by an art teacher in L.A. and it shares some insights into what it is like to be a teacher there. It can be fun and it can be tough but what’s guaranteed is that it will never be boring.

Create Art with ME

This is run by an art teacher but it is more focused on providing lessons for the teachers who are helping homeschooled children.

Mini Matisse

This blog has a different aim than all the other art blogs listed here. This blog was aimed at encouraging cooperation among art teachers. Also, it showcases what the students of the owner are learning.

 2 Soul Sisters

The site is run by two sisters and both of them are into teaching art to kids. They want kids to learn from them and they also want to inspire other teachers.

Thomas Elementary Art

The blog is meant for students and teachers to learn what’s going on in the classroom. But it can also be a great venue for other teachers who are looking for resources.

Curator’s Corner

This is an excellent blog for art teachers who want to learn more about the history of art. It can expand the knowledge of the teachers about art. It is a highly informative blog that can be used as a resource.

Party in the Art Room

This blog aims to spread the word regarding art education and how it can make an impact in the lives of students. It also offers lessons that teachers can try out and they are encouraged to post pictures of the results.

Top English Teacher Blogs


The blog is filled with so many English teaching materials that other teachers can use. It also offers English lessons with the owner of the blog.


This blog is owned by a Latino teacher in Chicago and it handles both issues that are connected with education and with Latino people. It offers great commentary for both subjects.

English Teaching 101

The blog has plenty of resources for English teachers. For teachers who are running out of lesson ideas, this site is the ideal one to visit.

The Daring English Teacher

This blog is about teaching English in high school. For those looking for insights and maybe anecdotes about this kind of teaching, the blog will be a good place to get started.

Mrs. Waters’ English(reThink ELA)

This blog is owned by a teacher who teaches in a rural Oklahoma school where the incidence of poverty is quite high. Find out how this teacher deals with the situation.

Fun To Teach ESL

This blog is all about learning English as a second language and for teachers who help the students in this crucial subject for foreigners. The teacher who runs the blog offers some insights that can help both learners and educators.


The site is run by a teacher who started her career back in 1997. She has taught English and other subjects during that period and so she has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge which she is now sharing.

My Life as a Middle School English Teacher

This blog has a rather straightforward name. It is about the life of its owner who is an English teacher in middle school and what life is like. It’s a simple and fun blog to follow.

English Teacher Melanie

This blog aims to help learners of the English language to use the language skills they get in the classroom to use it in the real world.

My English Blog

This blog is run by an English teacher in Spain and lessons and resources to both teachers and students alike.

Functional English and GCSE English Language Resources

This blog with a rather long name is aimed at promoting functional English.

The Sarcastic English Teacher

If you like to take things lightly then this blog is going to be perfect for you. This fun Tumblr blog can help make you laugh every now and then if the classroom stress is too much.


Owned by Cathy Potter who has been an English teacher for more than ten years now. The blog offers fun ways of teaching.

Hery the Teacher

The owner of the blog is a teacher and also a full-l time mom. She offers her unique perspective to teaching that only those in her situation can identify with.

 The English Tower

The blog is run by an English teacher who wants to help those who would like to learn the English language.

Top Science Teacher Blogs

Amy Brown Science

This blog is about the daily life of a biology teacher in high school. It celebrates the triumphs and the whole experience of teaching science to a class. The blog owner also shares some teaching resources on the blog which others might find helpful.

Science for All

The blog is all about the curation of useful resources that can be used for teaching science. Not many blogs offer that service which is why Science for All is so useful and important.

Quantum Progress

The blog is owned and run by a physics teacher. Hre promotes blogging as a useful tool when it comes to teaching. For the most part, he has been effective about it.

Jacobs Physics

Another site run by a physics teacher, this blog provides useful resources that can be used by teachers and students for an introduction to physics.

Unifying Quantum and Relativistic Theories

With such an ambitious name to it, this blog aims to promote the use of imagination when it comes to teaching science.

Science Teaching Junkie, Inc.

You can tell that the owner of this site  is passionate about teaching and science and that is why it’s such a good blog for teachers.

Physics! Blog!

The blog discusses the teaching techniques that are now used for teaching science in schools and whether they are effective or not.

SuperFly Physics

This blog is used by its owner to share some fun ideas for teaching physics to kids and some physics problems that are interesting to test.

Mr. Barlow’s Blog – A Bunch of Interesting Stuff

Run by a teacher from Australia, the blog offers some interesting pieces of knowledge to the users.

Science Teacher

It’s not difficult to guess what this site is all about. The owner of the site is not your typical science teacher. A former pediatrician, the site owner wants to make teaching science more fun and engaging.

These are just some of the blogs that teachers can use in order to enhance their own teaching skills. Most of these blogs are aimed at helping other teachers while others serve as an outlet for the blog owners to narrate their experience. Most offer resources that can be helpful and useful to other teachers. Take your pick as to which blog is best for your needs as a teacher today.

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