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You can get started as an educator with just a bachelor’s degree, but earning a master’s in education opens up a number of more advanced career options to you. While earning a bachelor’s degree allows you to work as a teacher, pursuing an advanced degree opens doors to positions in administration, counseling, and more. Let’s take a look at your job and career prospects if you choose to go back to school for a graduate degree.

Masters in Education Career Options

After earning a master’s in education, many educators go on to continue teaching in their topic area of interest. The only difference is that you’ll now qualify for a higher salary, as well as be able to take on head teaching positions. Many private schools only accept applications from those with a master’s degree, so earning this advanced degree opens up new teaching opportunities to you. In addition, you can specialize in another area, such as:

  • School counseling
  • Education administration
  • Higher education

Earning a master’s degree in this field allows you to move from a teaching position to other management roles in the field of education. This advanced degree not only qualifies you for more career options, it also gives you the opportunity to earn a higher salary.

Daily Tasks for Educators

What you’ll do on a daily basis depends on your title, but for most educators, earning a master’s in education doesn’t change their end goals: to teach students as much as possible about any given subject, preparing them for their futures. Working as a teacher you have many responsibilities, from creating lesson plans to teaching to grading papers and working with students individually when needed.

Because many with advanced degrees go on to take leadership positions, you could also work with administrators, school board members, parent-teacher organizations, local government officials, and more to ensure that the students in your locale are receiving the best education possible. No matter what job you take, if you have a master’s in education, rather than just a bachelor’s degree, you can expect to earn five percent to 10 percent more annually.

Master’s in Education Programs

Earning your master’s degree will allow you to pick up where you bachelor’s degree education left off. Most programs allow you to specialize in one area of interest, such as technology or reading. You’ll also be able to complete advanced research projects in many cases, as well as gain real-life work experience in administration and management through student teaching and internships. A graduate degree goes more in depth into education, and you can cater your degree program to focus more on your area of interest. Every program is different, so take your time when comparing schools to find the college that best fits your goals as an educator.

Online Master in Education Degrees

A master’s degree in education, whether an Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), or Master of Education (M.Ed.) will open up a world of opportunities for aspiring teachers and educational administrators. We have listed some featured schools below.

MA in Teaching

MA in Teaching Credentials

MA in Teaching ESL

University of Southern California — University of Southern California is a highly-respected provider of online, college education with several programs added to their course catalog in response to growing interest in online education. These courses offer a practical approach to education, combining hands-on exercises with industry-driven curriculum. USC offers a MA in Teaching, MA in Teaching Credentials, and a MA in Teaching ESL.
MEd in Athletic Admin

MEd in eLearning

MEd in Global Training

MEd in Early Childhood Ed

Northcentral University — Northcentral University strives to create a unique learning experience for each student through the many online programs they offer. The masters programs are for students wanting to quickly advance their careers in education. These programs provide more flexibility and convenience than campus programs and can be completed on your own timeline. NCU has several fields of interest to specialize in, like Athletic Administration, eLearning, Global Training & Development, and Early Childhood Education.
MS in Education

MS/Edu in College Admin

MS/Edu in Leadership

Kaplan University — Kaplan University’s MS in Education program offers specializations in technology, leadership, student affairs, online teaching, administration, and college teaching because the university’s faculty is aware that classrooms today come in a variety of unique learning environments. Students learn all the tools necessary for effective teaching in all of these environments, whether they be online, in colleges, or vocational schools.
MA in Education

MA/Edu in Child Development

MA/Edu in Education Policy

Ashford University — Ashford University’s online Masters in Education program offers fourteen unique specializations in areas such as child development, education policy, assessment & measurement, and culturally responsive education. These cutting edge specialties are designed prepare today’s teachers to help their students excel in the classroom by providing a psychological and technological framework other programs don’t.
MEd in Teaching

MEd in Elementary Ed.

MEd in Special Ed.

Liberty University — In Liberty University’s Masters in Education online program in Teaching & Learning, all the basics are covered and students leave prepared to pass their teacher certification exams with flying colors. But, the program doesn’t just teach to the test, it also covers the real-world classroom skills that are of paramount importance to effective teaching, like discipline and planning engaging curricula.
MEd in Leadership & Admin

MEd in Tech Leadership

George Washington University — George Washington University offers two accredited Masters of Education through online programs in addition to their campus counterparts. These degrees offer greater convenience and flexibility and can be completed in under two (2) years or at a pace that is comfortable to you. The first degree is a MEd in Educational Leadership and Administration, and the second degree is a MEd in Educational Technology Leadership.

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