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  • Fellowships
    At the master’s degree level, fellowships are more common than scholarships. Fellowships are similar in that they’re given based on merit and don’t have to be repaid, but usually come attached with responsibilities. For example, some scholarships are given to students who complete research projects in a certain topic area while in college and others are given in exchange for becoming a teaching assistant. Some fellowships that are available to master’s in education students include:

    • The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program
    • The James Madison Graduate Fellowships
    • The Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellowship
    • The Pearson Teacher Fellowship
    • The John Hopkins The Allen Grossman Teaching Fellowship.

    Other Sources of Money for Teachers

    In addition to scholarships and fellowships, there are other ways in which you can get funding for your master’s in education degree program. Many states offer programs to teachers who commit to teaching in a critical need area or teaching subjects where educators are in high demand. There are also federally-funded loan forgiveness programs for teachers who teach for a period of time in high-need schools.

    If you’re interested in receiving funding for your graduate degree, there are many resources you can tap into. If you are unsure how to begin your search, it can be very helpful to contact someone from your school’s financial aid office. They can educate you about the options available for graduate students, as well as how to apply for certain scholarships and fellowships. The school itself may even have its own source of funding.

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